Tracking the Population of Vandalia, Missouri Over Time

Vandalia is a city located in the northeast corner of Audrain County, Missouri, about 15 miles west of Bowling Green. It is part of the Mexico Micropolitan Statistical Area and the Hannibal Micropolitan Statistical Area. Vandalia is connected to Illinois to the east and Jefferson City and Lake of the Ozarks to the south and west via U. S.

Route 54. The Gateway Western Railroad line also runs through the city. The United States Census Bureau reports that Vandalia has a total area of 2.25 square miles (5.83 km), with 2.24 square miles (5.80 km) of land and 0.01 square miles (0.03 km) of water. The median age in the city is 37 years old, with 29.5% of the population being male and 70.5% being female. The population is spread out, with 23.7% under 18 years old, 7.0% from 18 to 24, 24.1% from 25 to 44, 23.2% from 45 to 64 and 22.0% from 65 years old or older.

The average age is 42 years old, with 86.1 males for every 100 females and 84.6 males for every 100 females age 18 and over. The Women's Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center, a women's prison of the Missouri Department of Corrections, is located in Vandalia, as well as a United States Postal Service post office. The total population of Vandalia is currently 3,541 people. The following table shows senators elected in Missouri over time, excluding special elections, colored according to their political party.

Tracking population changes over time can be an important indicator of a city's growth or decline in terms of economic development and quality of life for its citizens. In Vandalia, Missouri, population trends have been relatively stable since 2000 when the population was 3,619 people. Since then, there has been a slight decrease in population size due to a combination of factors such as an aging population and a decrease in birth rates. However, this decrease has been offset by an increase in migration into the city from other parts of Missouri and other states.

In recent years, Vandalia has seen an increase in job opportunities due to its proximity to larger cities such as St Louis and Kansas City as well as its access to major highways like US Route 54. This has led to an influx of new residents looking for employment opportunities as well as retirees looking for a quieter lifestyle than what they can find in larger cities. Overall, Vandalia's population has remained relatively stable over the past two decades despite some fluctuations due to economic factors such as job availability and migration patterns. As Vandalia continues to grow and develop economically, it is likely that its population will continue to increase in the coming years.